• Benefits of an Independent Cam Site

    “Cam sites are better than porn”

    Whether you are new to online video streams, just need some direction on how to use sex cam sites, or have even been around block once or twice when it comes to finding and enjoying the perfect model, billing the difference between different kinds of sites you can expect to encounter always useful. One of the most significant differences between webcam sites comes down to who is running them. Most of the time, if you find websites through online reviews or just looking up something in your preferred search engine, you can expect to land on website run by a foreign industry business been host to multiple women and footing the bill for marketing. Comparatively, websites developed and run by the models themselves are fairly few in number, and largely depend on word-of-mouth and social media mentions in order to drive traffic to them. These are what we mean when we talk about independently running cam sites. If you are new to live sex streaming, then visit http://thecamsitesguide.com/experience-tips/expect-customer-service/ and learn more about live sex customer service.

    Usually Cater to More Specific Tastes

    “You can find any specific kink on a cam site”

    One of the biggest benefits to going through independently run site versus one which is owned by a business entity is the simple fact that people find it easier to any far more specific kinks fetishes on websites which make their money on quality over quantity. This is typically as a result of the age-old debate of variety versus customer service, and something you should really take advantage of if you have a very specific kink you want to see performed live. While it is certainly possible that you can find the digital equivalent of the big-box retailer which will cater to this, as well as many other kinks at the same time, you will usually find that is more enjoyable to watch someone who shares the kink with. Since far more likely to be the case websites run by the models themselves websites with the models are cool what to do.

    From a financial standpoint, as well, you can make more sense to visit an independent site for particular fetish, since they have a good deal more control over their pricing whether that pertains to individual acts, tips, private sessions. Not only that, but you will also find independent models who specify that they will cater to a specific kink are more interested in said kink over all. The situations this works out to your advantage, since you get a better performance for the same or less money. There are, of course, many exceptions to this rule, and being able to spot them is a talent to develop as you become familiar with the campsites local to you. Fortunately, the international nature of the Internet typically lends itself to your paper. So, if you find yourself unable to locate a specific model who prefers, or at the very least mentions your particular fetish is something she is willing to do, it may be more beneficial for you to try accessing the same searches to a server in a different country to make sure you have exhausted all possibilities.

    Tend to Emphasize Quality over Quantity

    As we mentioned earlier, bottles who run their own sex cam sites really know how to treat a man instead of merely use him. This is due in large part to their budget for and experience with marketing themselves to an online audience. While many women on the other end of an Internet video feed of done so by handing over all of the technical difficulty, operating costs, and general marketing to the company they are working through, those that have been in the industry longer or who simply have different ideas of how they should be marketing themselves understand believed that their revenues on the value of providing a quality experience to their customers. This, in turn, severely limits their ability to provide a large variety of services, or include many other women on their site. This is what we mean when we say someone has decided to aim for quality over quantity. Whether or not that works for you, is ultimately up to your preferences on the matter, however live certainly found ourselves to be more satisfied when dealing with our favorite cam girls when they are in charge of their own sites pricing models, and ways of interacting with their customers.

    Put More Control in the Model’s Hands

    “Let her perform the way she wants”

    One of the driving reasons for the rise in quality when you reach independent site is the ability of the model to control their circumstances more directly. This has as much to do how to use the sex cam on their sites as it does the pricing model involved. This harkens back to the general idea of a happy worker being a good worker. As strange as it might seem for anyone in the sex industry in general, the ability to control one’s cash flow in particular produces a much more willing and engaging cam model. In addition, you can expect someone who has not only control over what it is they do in front of the camera, but also a preference for any of it to give a better performance simply because they are enjoying themselves.

    What all of this essentially comes down to, then, is control. This is something that you will ultimately find lacking in many websites that focus primarily on variety, or simply offering a platform to new cam models. In contrast, someone who has gone out of her way to establish her own website is, therefore, far more invested in your overall experience, and generally content to have a greater influence on it. Overall, the type of woman who does this, at the very least, understands that her reputation is everything compared to the marketing muscle of her competitors, and is confident ability troll that reputation positive. And take away, then, simply becomes better experience for you over all if she not only that she has that control but also knows how to handle it.

    Less Likely to Sell Your Information

    “Your private information is always safe with good cam sites”

    Finally, one of the more overlooked aspects of visiting an independent cam site compared to one of the more well-known sites that are similar to a big-box retailer, is the likelihood that they are going to sell your information. In most cases, any website that takes your personal information going to make money selling it to someone else. This does not necessarily have to mean your credit card in particular, but any personally identifiable traits or habits you might have passed to the website when you visited. It is a good rule of thumb to assume that, no matter what the website says, they are going to be taking all of this information and doling out to the highest bidder. Someone was in business on their own and primarily focused on the service of they provide, however, is far less likely to even be aware of how to do this actually instituted on any revenue viable level. To do in large part not only due to ignorance, but also a pleat incompatibility of business models. While the independent cam site is going to focus primarily on your experience, anything more equivalent to a retail environment is focused on the sheer amount of people they can push through on any given day.

  • Why Ms Surface might as well beat the iPad in Enterprises


    “Giving iPad a tough competition in Enterprises”

    Can the MS surface beat the iPad? Microsoft Surface, together with the other new Windows tablets, introduces a third major family of tablets to the computing world. As, tablets being the most important development in consumer and computing products for the past 20 years, the big question is, can Microsoft surface beat the iPad? Well, Microsoft’s Surface tablet appears to be well-designed, stylish and a worthy competitor to iPad. As a matter of fact, they are touted to eventually overtake the iPad in enterprises. Below are three main reasons why that might just happen.


    One of the main let down and a source of frustration for many users of iPad and other touch screen gadgets is the keyboard. While it is easier to tap on a flat screen than type on a physical keyboard, you will agree with me that it is almost impossible to get e-mails or other documents typed as fast as on physical keys. Of course, there are some third party keyboards which you can buy and add onto the iPad, but they are usually clunky.
    The MS tablets have 2 covers i.e. the Type Cover and the Touch Cover. The flat Touch covers have been designed in such a way that the keys have no travel but still have a good tangible feel. The Type cover keys on the other hand have some travel, with the right spacing and size, and offers the right degree of resistance. With this kind of keyboard you can have proper work done, instead of the usual quick e-mails that normally have limited and sometime incomplete information.

    Microsoft Office


    “MS office – A complete package”

    There are 2 versions of Microsoft’s Surface tablets; a window 8 version (Surface Pro), and an RT version known as Surface. The surface is less expensive and comes with a pre-installed version of MS Office, while the Pro version does not have a pre-installed MS office. That may sound strange, however you should note that, Surface Pro is more powerful than Surface and a real Windows based computer and therefore, it gives you the option of installing the full MSOffice. Why is this beneficial? A tablet that functions almost similar to a PC with a complete version of MS Office and a keyboard is in every sense more attractive than an iPad and hence good for business. And also the less powerful surface still has some basic office Apps e.g. Excel and Word.


    Apple might have developed a more stylish and compact tablet that puts it on top of their competitors. However, that does not apply to the Surface. First, Microsoft Surface has a 10.6 inch display screen, which is an inch bigger than IPad’s. It is said that, it can also be optimized to obtain a similar dimension as a movie screen. The surface for the RT version is a few millimeters thinner than the iPad i.e. 9.3 to 9.4, while the Window 8 Pro version has a surface of 13.5 millimeters. RT weighs almost the same as iPad, while the Pro weighs around 2 pounds.

    In conclusion, MS surface may not cause dramatic impact against the iPad. However, Surface Pro and Surface will definitely become hits.

  • 3 Safety Tips to Remember When Engaging in Online Dating

    More & more men and women are getting involved in online dating. Because of the convenience of meeting people through the Internet, people usually share too much info to the people they meet. You can easily fall for a total stranger and accept a date invitation. A lot of people have excellent communicators and can easily entice you to go out with them. Although it is okay to go out with a person you meet online, you should never let your guard down. This will only compromise your safety. If you are a fan of online dating, make sure to know how to date safely. Here are 3 important tips to remember:

    Meet in a public place


    “Meeting in a public place and having fun”

    Do not meet someone for the very first time in a private location. This is too risky. You want a lot of people to be around. These individuals will serve as your witnesses. You can meet in a coffee shop or in a restaurant. Remember that a date can go sour, and you do not want to get yourself into a situation where you are alone with your date and no one is there to help you. Also, never meet a guy at his house or let him visit you at home. Get to know the person better before you even reach that stage.

    Tell friends about your date

    The details of your date should be provided to friends or family members. Let them know where you are meeting the person. You can also provide the person’s contact information. Tell your friend or family member to call you during the date just to check how you are doing. In case the date does not go too well, you can make an excuse and say that you have to leave because of an emergency.

    Stay sober


    “Stay sober while going on a date – It reflects your personality”

    No one really needs to tell you this. Common sense tells you that you should stay sober during a date with someone you are meeting for the very first time. Alcohol can affect your judgment abilities. A lot of women go home with the men they are dating after a couple of drinks. Our senses are easily impaired when we drink alcohol. You do not want to get yourself in a situation where you do things you do not want to do.
    Whenever people are attracted to others, common sense is usually forgotten. They only listen to what their inner voice tells them. They allow their emotions to get the best of them. Make sure to fight this feeling. Remember that your SAFETY is still the most important thing here. Take the necessary steps to ensure that you are safe. Do not trust your intuition too much especially if you are going to meet a person for the very first time.

  • 3 Tips On How To Insert Gyming Time Into Your Hectic Schedule

    If you find yourself spending bucks on gym membership but ending never using them because you don’t have the time, well, you need to read this. Exercise and workouts are crucial elements to a healthy lifestyle. Burning yourself on your work desk and computer may disrupt the normal flow of your system. And you are too darn lazy waking up early to make it to the gym and too tired after work to make way for a gym workout. Check out these 3 tips on making time for the gym beyond your busy schedule.

    Plan a 30-minute workout


    “Manage your time for workout”

    It’s tempting to just sleep it off at mornings but if you can drag yourself a little bit early, you can pull it off. Or maybe at lunch time or just right after work before going home. A 30-minute workout will not sound too exhausting for you. You could include 20 minutes of stretching and 10 minutes Cardio which is sure enough to get you moving. At least 30 minutes of your time is easy to spur rather than thinking of a longer time at the gym. You can even have it on weekends between doing some errands and shopping.

    Make it an appointment

    To really clear out your schedule to pave way for your fitness regime , include it in your appointments. This way, your time and date is cleared out for you and you have the full access to go to the gym without excuses. Meetings and client calls won’t come in the way since you have scheduled it ahead of time. You will never miss it if you consider it as an appointment so it would be better to write it down in your planner.

    Choose a convenient gym location


    “Choose a close to home Gym”

    To save time between trips to the gym, choose a gym that is near your home or workplace. It would be easier for you to manage your time if the gym is conveniently located near you and offers convenient hours of training. There are gyms that are open 24 hours a day so whenever you feel like it, you can hit it off. There are no reasons now that you can’t go to the gym. You don’t have to spend 10 minutes or more travel time and be discouraged along the way how much time consuming it is. The closer the gym is the better.

    Make your money worth by spending what you paid for. Stop making excuses not to go to the gym. If you’re really that interested there is nothing that can hinder you to work out. Willingness is being able. Remind yourself that being happy is being healthy. Motivation is the key to keep on living a healthy habit. The lack of time that is preventing us from having a strong and healthy body isn’t just the case, and you know it. It is only an excuse for people who are lazy and don’t care with their health and body. Now, are you one of them?

  • Tips To Get the Maximum Profits When Trading Precious Metals


    “Invest in Precious metals for greater benefit”

    There are lots of ways to earn extra money. You can become a real estate agent and earn money from the commission when you are able to sell a property. You can find a second job that you can work on after your regular job. You can also buy a property and turn it into something that can be rented. You can now earn also by buying collectible items and sell it at a higher price to collectors. You can also earn a lot when you trade precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum. However, you need to be knowledgeable in this craft so that you can earn a lot. You can earn a lot by doing the following tips.

    Before you can sell anything, you need to find something to sell

    Be resourceful in getting your stocks. Remember that if you don’t have anything, you won’t have anything to sell at all. Learn to be creative because nowadays it’s no longer feasible to make your own precious metal mine. You can’t build a gold mine or silver mine for that matter. There are many paper works involved and lots of permits to process. Instead of getting precious metals from mines, you can get from scraps that people are no longer using. You can get silver and gold from jewelries that are broken and can’t be used anymore. You can buy this at a lower price and accumulate everything. You can sell what you have saved later one.

    Learn the trade patterns


    “Understand and learn the trade patterns”

    Always be on the lookout for trade patterns. Knowing these patterns would tell you the right time to dispose of the stocks that you have. For example, you’ll notice that every time a country goes into financial crisis, the price of precious metals will go higher. During this time, the prices of gold and silver reach its highest price. Once you know that it is the highest price in the past decade, you can then decide to sell whatever you have for a much higher price. You may gain up to thrice or twice the amount that you spent as capital.

    Be patient in selling your precious metals

    Once you hear about the rising prices don’t immediately go out and sell your precious metals. Learn to be patient and wait for the exact and the right moment to sell it. There might be cases that the prices will only go up a little only to find out they will become more expensive a few days later. It pays to be patient especially in trading precious metals. Once you know the date of the highest increase in the price of precious metals, it is the time to dispose so that you can get a lot of profits.

    Trading precious metals is not that hard as long as you know what you are doing. You can even make this a second job because you don’t get to face your boss and most of all it is not time-consuming. So that you can get the maximum profits from the trade, equip yourself with the right knowledge, learn and study the trade patterns and always be cool and patient.

  • Asking for a Well-Deserved Promotion

    “Don’t plead just ask for your deserved promotion”

    “Don’t plead just ask for your deserved promotion”

    Did you know that asking for a promotion rank among the top anxiety-inducing activities in life probably worse than going on a very first date? There are lots of reasons why this is so:
    You’re always not sure when is the right time to do this
    Your boss may find your action too intimidating
    Competition is tough; why ask for more when there’s someone else willing to take the same job for less?
    Do you have what it takes for the boss to say yes to you?
    However, being assertive and asking for a promotion is one of the most important things you can do bring your career to a higher level. It’s a sure sign that you are concerned with your professional growth and wanted to offer something more and better for the company. You simply cannot do that when you stay stuck in your lame position for quite a number of years. Likewise, don’t think this is the first time your boss will handle such a request. Your boss wouldn’t even be in his position of work right now if he hadn’t claimed it for himself once. So don’t think this request for promotion will surprise him. In one way or another, if not you, another employee would come up to him for exactly the same reason.
    The most important thing is to determine first if you deserve the promotion, and you will know deep down if you do. When you’re sure and ready, here are a few tips on how to set the timing and how to ask for promotion properly:

    1. Know where you stand.

    It’s high likely that if you’ve worked long enough in your current position, you must have taken tasks that are beyond your scope of work, yet accomplished each as effectively as expected. This is a good point in asking for a promotion, implying that you are ready for the next level of work. Likewise, don’t be too timid to show how much more skills you’ve learned over the months or years that you think will be a good contribution to a new line of work.

    2. Be sensitive about timing.

    Just like everything else, timing is important. Your boss is never without work issues in his head and even if he means well, your untimely discussion for promotion may not prompt him to take action right away. What is a good timing? Set your discussion shortly after your annual or semi-annual worker’s performance evaluation where your boss will welcome your request. Did your work contributed to the latest sales achievement of the company? Reports of latest sales achievement are a cause for celebration; while your boss is in good spirits, try to ask for a meeting to discuss your promotion.

    3. Know what you’re worth.

    “Show your worth to your Boss”

    “Show your worth to your Boss”

    Learn how to negotiate your salary. Do not be too apprehensive, but likewise, be warned! Asking for a sizeable increase in salary equates to you allowing your boss to dump you more work that oftentimes, more than you can handle. Make sure that your request for promotion means allowing yourself better challenges and not just to take in repeating, mundane tasks that doesn’t improve your skills set.